Introduction to the Strategic Plan by the Trustees

INTRODUCTION Our world needs green leaders who take on the challenge and the joy of building a humane and sustainable world.  Education is the key. John and Cynthia Hardy built Green School to create a new paradigm for learning.  They wanted kids to be joyful going to school.  They wanted children to learn in a beautiful natural environment, to develop… Read more →

Governance review – invitation to comment

Dear Green School Community,   Green School children are an inspiration and are the embodiment of the progressive and innovative force that is needed in the world today.  Our school must reflect this way of being at all levels, from our tiniest and precious students in Early Years, through to our graduates, our teachers, staff, School leadership.   So what… Read more →

A sustainable and shareable Green School by 2018

The Board today approved the shared picture of “A sustainable and shareable Green School by 2018” as the basis of the development of our strategic plan, and as a guide for decisions even from today. There has been extensive input from all stakeholder groups in building this shared picture of our future, including the original Strategic Review in 2015, cross-stakeholder workshops and the possibility… Read more →

Second Strategy Offsite session

In June 2015 a diverse groups composed of the Founders, teachers, administration, parents and board members met to discuss the outputs of the Strategic Review effort and to uncover the deep purpose of the School. The result of this work was recommendations to the Board on urgent and important priorities, and our new purpose statement: “Green School – making our world sustainable.”… Read more →

Update on our strategic journey towards a sustainable sharing and learning Green School

Since the Strategic Review in June 2015, through the efforts of so many of you, we have already implemented dozens of recommendations from the Strategic Review and will continue to do so.  Here is an incomplete list of the larger undertakings that we have done or that are in progress.  They are grouped into our strategic pillar categories.   1.… Read more →

Update about our journey

Green School is on a journey!  To ensure that the Green School dream will be here for our grandchildren we are moving forward. Where are we going? We are on the path of making our world sustainable. Our world includes our school – we are continuously improving to reach our goal of a sustainable, sharing and learning Green School. Since… Read more →

Defining our purpose statement

Let’s define together clearly what we mean when we say that our purpose is “Green School – making our world sustainable” Here is a start, more to come. Making Action-based with measurable impact Our world Myself->School->School community->Our village->Bali-> Sustainable Nature, Economy, Society, Well-being Comment with your thoughts please! Read more →