Governance review – invitation to comment

Dear Green School Community,


Green School children are an inspiration and are the embodiment of the progressive and innovative force that is needed in the world today.  Our school must reflect this way of being at all levels, from our tiniest and precious students in Early Years, through to our graduates, our teachers, staff, School leadership.


So what does a progressive, innovative and inspiring governance structure look like for Green School?  This question has been asked and is now being discussed.  Would you like to join the conversation?  To help you consider the issue of Green School governance and to plug into the conversation, we are providing you with a draft discussion paper on a proposed governance model for Green School, as part of the strategic planning process.


Now is your chance to have a say in establishing a governance structure that is right for the Green School of today and into the future.  Be a part of the conversation via this simple, two-step process:


  1. Take a look at the draft proposed governance model for Green School.
  2. Answer any or all of the following questions by the 8th of May, by filling out the form here:


  • What do you like the most about the proposed Governance structure?
  • How well do you believe this structure represents a progressive organisation and community whose mission is “A community of learners making our world sustainable”?
  • If you could make an adjustment to the proposed structure, what would it be?


Please answer the questions by clicking here.


Your input will be reflected in  the recommendations that will be presented to the Green School Board and Trustees in May 2016.  We envisage that the new 2016/17 School year will herald the migration towards a new governance structure which will serve our school and community well, in the school year ahead and into the future.


We appreciate your input and participation.


Green School Strategic Plan Committee