Strategic Plan

We have a plan!

The Green School Strategic Plan 2018 is now completed.  It clarifies our mission, core differentiators, learning goals and principles, and sets our direction for the next few years.


Following the Green School Strategic Review that was completed in June 2015, a cross-stakeholder group developed the Strategic Plan 2018 of the School.

The goal of our Strategic Plan is to develop by 2018 an organisation, learning programme and ways of working that will deliver on our mission of

“A community of learners making our world sustainable” 


In February 2015, the Board initiated a strategic review and planning process, indicating that “it’s appropriate we have a plan to take us into the future that is widely embraced by our stakeholders.”

The plan was that in the following 12-18 months, the School were to address a range a key strategic issues, including questions such as:

  • Are we clear and aligned around our vision and mission?
  • What is the gap between what we say we do and what we actually do?
  • Where do we want to go?
  • How will we get there, sustainably?

The Strategic Review

The Green School Strategic Review (2015) was completed in June 2015.  The cooperation of over 80 people from faculty, staff, students, parents, Board and Founders in 12 work groups produced a report highlighting the strategic questions, issues and recommendations for the Green School Board.

Following the Review

Immediately after the review, School management started to address the urgent and important matters.  By October 2015, the School has already made significant progress on this journey.  Read about the achievements here.

A security, health and safety upgrade project was initiated in September 2015, with most of the programme completed by June 2016. A new website project was also completed to ensure we only say what we actually do, which was a key recommendation of the StratReview.

In October 2015, the Board established the cross-stakeholder Strategic Plan Committee, to develop the school’s priorities and plan of action to 2018.

The team completed the plan in June 2016, which was then adopted by the Trustees of Green School, to guide our development for the next two years.

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